In the past several years, we have  seen  dramatic  popular  uprisings  across  the  globe: FromOccupy  Wall  Street, to the anti-austerity movements in Europe, to the more recent protests against police violence, for climate justice and for migrant rights, people have come together to fight for a better world.   In  2012, a small  group  of  donors  and  activists  came  together  to  discuss how  best  to  resource these  efforts  in  ways  that  strengthen  underlying infrastructure  and  capacity. 

With an eye toward the future, we draw on history. Today’s challenges are unique, but  we have inspirational ancestors who inform our work. Movements that bent the arc of  history  toward  justice  in  the  past  –  women’s  suffrage  in  the  late  1800s,  the  labor  movement of the 1920s and 1930s, the civil rights movement of the 1960s – each had  quiet  individuals  behind  the  scenes,  providing  support. These donors  funded  organizing,  demonstrations,  marches,  and  sit-ins.  They  wrote  checks  to  assist  with  training,  political education,  and legal  defense  for  unjustly  prosecuted  political  prisoners.  Ultimately,  they  saw  their  role  as  bringing  financial resources  to movements  that  were  larger  than  any  one  organization  or  initiative,  movements  that  changed history and shaped the world in which we now live.  

Solidaire,  the  French  root  of  the  English  word  “solidarity,”  originally  meant  “to  be  bound together.”  This  community  was  created to bring  donors  of  courage  and  conscience  together  to  increase  the  power  and  impact  of  today’s  most  vibrant  and  important social movements.  Our  collective  work  acknowledges  an  important  truth:  that  we  are  indeed  bound  together, and  that  the liberation  of each  requires  the  liberation of all.